About Me


There are at least a million travel blogs, and the universe doesn’t need another one.

Unfortunately, many of the biggest travel personalities I follow are becoming more and more exclusive, and the prevailing message to their fans is that traveling is a pursuit reserved for the elite and independently wealthy.

What the travel world might need is a voice making travel a little more accessible. My name is Hannah, and I am an avid instagrammer and travel hacker.

These are my stories of how a girl of modest means can see the world without living like a hobo or avoiding all luxury experiences.

The question I’m asked most often is what I do for a living. I work for my sister’s catering/restaurant business, and although my income fluctuates, if you’re a female personal assistant in a medium-sized city we probably share an income bracket.

Many of the tricks and tools I use will be obvious. Some of them were passed down from my parents (also avid travelers). And a few of them I figured out on my own.

I hope you’ll find them helpful while you make the next adventure on your wishlist a reality.